How to make your own surfboard carrier for motorbikes and scooters

Surfboard Carrier Band for Motorcycles

Here’s how to make a small, lightweight, portable, rubber band surfboard carrier that I bring along with me to my overseas surf trips. Can be installed on a 125 cc class scooter bike that can seat two people. The Sayama Surf Band is easy, cheap, lightweight, small, strong and convenient. Use it on your own scooter or on your rental bike to enjoy surf trips!

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How to make a surfboard carrier made of rubber band


First, purchase an industrial rubber band which you can often find in home improvement centre, or perhaps even get it online.


Cut according to the motorcycle model and board size. As a guide, the length of the raw rubber band is 2.5 m on the front side and 2 m on the rear side. Just tie this to the bike and surfboard you plan to use, tie it up and cut the rest.

Things to prepare

  • Approximately 4-5 m of new raw rubber band (25 mm or more for short board, 30 mm or more for longer surfboards);
  • Scissors;
  • Measuring tape.

Notes on creating and using it

  • Use a new rubber band.
  • During installing the surfboard to the carrier, please ensure that the fin is in front, and the bottom of the board is fixed outwards from the bike.
  • Install the surfboard from the front first.
  • Remove the surfboard from the rear side when removing the surfboard from the bike.
  • The front band has to hook to the centre fin or side fin.
  • As the rear band may slip off, ensure that the board is fixed firmly enough to avoid such circumstances.
  • This method can be used for 125cc class scooters.
  • Use the scooter’s foot rest to create space for the rider’s foot, and also the muffler.
  • Ensure that there is enough distance between the muffler and the board after installing the board to prevent any damages to the surfboard due to the heat emitted from the muffler.
  • Ensure that there is no contact with the surfboard upon the need to operate the bike towards steering left or right as much as possible.
  • Re-adjust the position of the band and the surfboard if you happen to hit the board while in steering movement.
  • The maximum length for a surfboard to be carried with this carrier is 9 ft, and only one can be carried at a time.
  • Any surfboards that are over 7 ft in length may throw the balance off the rider, making the driving difficult. To ensure safety, be sure that you are a confident driver with enough experience in riding a motorbike.
  • It is advised to not carry any surfboards that are more than 9 ft in length, due to the potential risk of danger.
  • If two or more surfboards are installed, it may not be possible to let the bike stand on its own as it loses its balance. Due to the imbalance imposed from carrying more than 1 surfboard alone, it is best to use only one.
  • This method of carrying your surfboard must not be used during extremely windy day. It may cause unwanted accidents.
  • When carrying a surfboard with the carrier, it is best to drive alone than carrying another passenger with you for safety reasons.
  • It;s easier to have it handled to the right due to the weight of the surfboard.
  • Depending on the width of the surfboard, please be very careful when driving.
  • Please make sure that you make the carrier correctly, and install it appropriately to your bike to ensure safety too.

Another thing to be careful about is to operate this surfboard carrier safely and abide to the laws of the country in which you plan to use this carrier. If any accidents were to occur while using this band, all responsibility lies on the user itself. We do not take responsibility if anything were to happen to you.

The countries where I have actually tried using this surf carrier band style:

  • East Taiwan, Taiwan
  • Phuket, Thailand
  • Da Nang, Vietnam

A video on how to make the surfboard carrier

Surfboard Carrier Band for Motorcycles

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Table of Contents