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0-20 years old|Sports – Surfing – PC

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Sayama Yoshitsugu. I was born in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Both my parents are Japanese. I have always taken a liking to sports and music. In junior high school, I took a liking to baseball, and I enjoyed it thoroughly as my school extra curriculum activities. While I was still studying in high school along with the influence among my peers, I became absorbed in surfing, and it soon became something that I am passionate in. I began working at a surfboard factory and a surf shop which I then gained valuable experiences from. This then turned into a fuel that strengthen the fire in me on matters related to surfing, and since then, anything to do with surfing has always been fascinating to me.

Up until I was 10 years old, I was somehow interested in my studies. Later, I carried an indifferent attitude towards school education.

One of the things I have noticed since I was young is the preference that I carry with me to be independent and doing things by my own. I enjoy the solitude life, and getting things done quietly by my own or in a very small group rather than doing things in a big group.

It was around this time that I first acquired a Windows 98 laptop.

21-26 years old|Ichinomiya town in Chiba prefecture – Anxious for the future – Bonesetter – Surfing – Tateyama city in Chiba prefecture

21-25 years old, happiness level ★ | 26 years old, happiness level ★★

I did not have any particular plans or goals in my life as I was spending my time surfing in Ichinomiya town in Chiba prefecture (which, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics for surfing will be held). At that time, I began to imagine my future. The thought of me becoming older, and the idea of me with no improvement as I become 25, and 30 years old – all those thoughts gave me a wake up call. I then decided to go back to my hometown, and for that moment with the process of elimination, I chose to go back to studying.

Once I was back in my hometown, I began taking classes in a private vocational school where I formally learned the muscle and bone structure, the workings of the body physique. Within those three years of studying, I took a part time job working at a surf shop. Fortunately, an opportunity rose for me at the same period of time to volunteer for JPSA (Japan Pro Surfing Association) by working in the health and injury prevention booth.

It was during this time that mobile phones started to appear globally. However, back then I did not comprehend the precise value of this new change.

27-28 years old|Challenges – Independent – Free – The world of Internet – SEO

27-28 years old, happiness level ★★

By the age of 27 and with little experience in hand, I opened my own bone setting clinic in my hometown. Back then, I carried the misconception that once you open a business of your own, clients would start coming in voluntarily. However, that was not the case with me. The number of customers were so low that I had plenty of free time. The clinic was then closed for about 4 days a week. With that time, I spend it by mostly surfing and also shopping. With no customers coming in, I made a time limit for myself that if this business does not grow any further within half of the year, I thought to myself that I will stop this business.

However, a major turning point came in the seventh month of operating my clinic. It was IT marketing strategy, reaching out to people through the the usage of flip phones. Without thinking it as a strategy, during my spare time, I created a simple website platform for my clinic using CMS by only using my flip phone. A few days later, customers start to come in after seeing the website that I have created for my clinic. This also sparked more contact, by calling to the clinic. With such a quick reaction, I thought that this was interesting. Keeping in mind, during this period, CMS is a tool that had just begun to enter the IT marketing industry.

Next, I made a website that is more PC friendly by using CMS, a tool that had just landed in Japan. Again, customers are increasingly coming in to my clinic due to this exposure that I have made by using this strategy. I have managed to create a website which carries contents on the information of my clinic, along with my principles for this business so as to gain credibility to my clientèle. With this, I learned that this proved to get the target consumer that I was aiming for.

By simply creating a homepage and taking SEO measures, there was a sudden surge of profit coming in to my clinic. This result came out of a pure coincidental move that I have taken, I just happened to read a little ahead of time, and act upon my plan immediately. What would have happened if I took action at the most appropriate timing? Yet, I think I was very grateful with this accidental and lucky experience, as it has greatly changed my value.

I became more obsessed with the concept of web marketing. I created an original domain along with my own design site with WordPress. I also tried copywriting. With that, I focused on attracting customers that I could serve within the niche market in a short period of time. This is because I thought it was essential to make time and money to move on to the next stage.

29-31 years old | Succeeding – Meaning of life – Habit – Information

29-31 years old, happiness level ★★★★★

The number of customers coming in to the clinic increased, and money began to flow smoothly. Although I was running the clinic by my own, I also had free time due to how I created my customer base. With the time and money that I have within my control, I utilized it accordingly, by information selection and extraction. At the same time, the world was changing to an era where search power is a strong tool requirement when seeking information online. During those time, I took my time to listen to as much information as possible, and extracted the main essence from them. If there were people who were of interest to me that generates more knowledge and profit at the same time, I gathered those sources of information, read, listened each of their sensibilities and thought circuits. I think that it was an important habit that still fits with the present time, and it has also made my abilities grow as much as possible. This habit is something which I still keep with me, and it is always interesting.

At the age of 30 years old, I finally felt that I am truly living my life.

32 years old|Consultation – IT revolution – Deteriorating health condition – Employment management – Traveling around Japan

32 years old happiness level ★★★★

During this time, I created another company where I offered consultation work for other clinics. I wanted to see if the same method which I have applied previously could achieve the same outcome. As a result, I found that by using the essence of IT revolution can indeed be successful if a person genuinely followed the method in which I have given them. However, the end result of a consultation work depends on the other person. With that in respect, I do not find it suitable with me, so I decided to quit immediately.

The next turning point in my life came to me as I had the clinic running smoothly. Back then, the situation was that I was doing everything all by my own and I could only do a limited amount of work at one time. In the worst timing possible where my clinic is going very well, my health and physical condition started to deteriorate. As soon as I felt the burnout from working hard, my life priority has then been clearly decided. My first priority in life is to care for my health, secondly, to be careful of my time. The third one would be to set my life with goals, objectives, rewards and meaning. In order to make this happen, I changed my way to continue making trial and error.

Five years since opening my clinic, I have created a template which I have constructed explicitly to ensure a comprehensive understanding on the workings of the clinic. Thus, with that template, I hired employees and a director to manage the clinic while I could get more time to spend for myself, focusing on my health and wellbeing.

Although during this time I was quite ill from the burnout and I could not resume surfing, I drove around Japan by car. It was a mind changing experience to continuously exploring a culturally rich country of samurai. By all means, I wanted to see Japan to move forward as an IT powerhouse, preserving the traditional culture that could not be reconstructed.

33 years old|Failed employment – Outsourcing – Living abroad

33 years old, happiness level ★★

I have tried the staff management for 2 years. Unfortunately, it was a big failure. Firstly, I could not simply let go of my employees from my hand. At this time, I realized that this form of employment would decrease rapidly from this world.

After my unsuccessful attempt, my next step was to outsource my clinic. With this, I do not need to directly control them and my time is unbounded. I immediately took advantage of this opportunity, and left Japan when I was 33 years old. It was a decision in which I thought it is best to have a broader perspective and to widen my point of view – and that means for me to leave Japan. It was also then that I started to have a strong drive to learn and know who I actually am.

34-37 years old | Resume surfing – Overseas life – Communist country – Bubble economy – Da Nang – Transferring business

34-37 years old, happiness level ★★★

I decided to resume surfing again, which I was losing interest in. Probably due to the fact that I was away from the sea for quite a while.

For 4 years since then, I wandered about living abroad in my own pace, going to destinations where I could spend more time to surf. At the same time, I tried to commit myself to do other business. Unfortunately, I gave up halfway through most of them without any passion in me.

For a long time, I was in a clouded state of mind. Yet, I still did not choose to return to Japan, as I was particular in living abroad.

Eventually, my clinic came to an end after running it for 10 years as I sold it to a Chinese businessman. For a brief moment, I thought to myself that the Chinese influence is getting wider in Vietnam. Finally, I thought that I should move on to my next challenge in life. I have learned plenty of things within the past 10 years. It became clear to me then how the general school education we received were mostly not directly useful in practical daily social life.

Apart from what I have mentioned earlier, there were other reasons in my decision to living abroad. I wanted to escape from allergy sources in Japan. Living in Japan, my body reacted very badly to allergens in the air. My skin became rougher, especially on the face. I experienced cracked heels, itchiness all over my body. There was also the endless coughing and hay fever.

In my overseas life, I lived a nomadic life where I stayed at hotels, condominiums, and private residences. I have always loved moving around, and I have even done it in Japan in a minimum period of three months. In contrast to Japan, it is easier to move around in the foreign countries that I have visited, as there are no complicated requirements for deposits, key money fee or brokerage fees. Nevertheless, I do not quite enjoy quick shifting movement like a backpacker, and I often opt to stay in each country on a monthly basis. The places I chose to stay were USA, East Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.

San Diego is still one of my highest preference. However, there were many problems there, in terms of racial discrimination and cost of living was too high. East Taiwan has a wonderful atmosphere, clean air. However, it is still weak in terms of living there such as access to things, money and information. Personally, I see a problem in getting proper self-growth if I continued living there. Phuket in Thailand was very unfitting to me. Then, in October 2016, as I was on my way back from Phuket, I stopped at Da Nang – which is the third largest city in Vietnam, and became deeply attracted to Da Nang.

There were plenty of reasons as to why I chose Da Nang at that time. Firstly, I noticed that there were no allergy reactions coming from my body. Then, there was also the remarkable economic development, with cheap prices and cost of living, and I could enjoy surfing in the open sea without any interference. Eventually, I have stayed in Da Nang for almost three years. Needless to say, the economic bubble experience in communist countries makes no common sense in modern Japan.

There are two major life lessons that I have gained from living overseas for the past 4 years. Firstly, it has given me a broader perspective of the world in terms of seeing it for the sake of the world and for humanity. That has greatly replaced my narrower perspective then. Finally, leaving Japan has given me a great deal of exposure to different variety of people in the world, and I gained more confidence as I could become more of myself without restricted to the personality that I had to thread carefully with me in Japan. I realized that these are essential integrities in contributing to world peace and development.

From January 2019, I began to focus on sharing information through the usage of YouTube and blog posts.

38 years old | Information output – YouTube – Vietnam surfing – SayamaMove – Challenges

38 years old, happiness level ★★★

In August 2019, I left Da Nang and began a new concept of “Living in the world’s current wave”. With this theme, we aim to disperse information mainly through my YouTube channel and blog.

For the past five years of my life, I had the opportunity to spend my time freely in Japan and also living abroad as I had the chance to move a little faster than any other person. The timing was indeed very good for me. So, with SayamaMove, I would like to be able to relay information on “the next timing”.

Personally speaking, I reckon that I am quite fortunate to live in an era where mankind has slowly begin to connect without borders for the first time. There is no reason to not challenge ourselves from doing what we want to do or putting interest in this modern age.

From now on, the IT revolution will be a powerful tool for me.

This is all for my introduction. We look forward to your continuous support of SayamaMove. Thank you for reading to the end with interest.