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Hello, I am SayamaMove. This self-introduction revolves around matters that hold significant influence throughout my life. With that being said, I added a self-evaluation based on happiness felt throughout the time.


1981-2000|0〜19 years old|Sports. Surfing. PC.

0~10 years old happiness level ★★★★★ | 11~16 years old happiness level ★ | 17~20 years old happiness level ★★

I am a Japanese born and raised in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1981. I’ve always been interested in sports and music. Right until my high school years, I was enthusiastic about baseball before joining my peers to start surfing. While still doing my studies, I worked at a surfboard factory and that further increased my interest towards surfing. It wasn’t until I reached my young adolescent years that I started to feel indifferent towards school education. It was also during the same time that I prefer the company of myself or in a really small and limited group. The idea of gathering with large group of people just doesn’t really seem attractive to me. During the same time, I had my first computer, a Windows 98.

2001-2007|20〜26 years old|Ichinomiya, Chiba. Anxious for the future. Bonesetter. Tateyama, Chiba.

21~25 years old happiness level ★ | 26 years old happiness level ★★

At that time, I didn’t have any particular set of goals or thoughts regarding my future. I was living in Ichinomiya Town, Chiba, which is where the Tokyo 2020 Olympics held the surfing tournament at. It came to a point where I finally sat myself down and reflected on myself and for my own future, thinking that when I’m older, I will definitely look back and think what have I done throughout my life. This is bad! It was then I decided to attend a vocational school and engaged myself studying for 3 years on the functions and built of the human body, which focuses on the human musculoskeletal system. Right then, I was blessed to have been given the opportunity to work at a surf shop, and got myself involved in setting up a surf trauma station during the JPSA (Japanese Professional Surfing Association) tournament. This was also when smartphones started to be introduced to the people. However, back then I didn’t grasp the value of it accurately.

2008-2009|27〜28 years old|Challenges. Independence. Leisure. Internet society. SEO.

27~28 years old happiness level ★★

By the age of 27 and with little experience in hand, I opened my own bone setting clinic in my hometown. Back then, I carried the misconception that once you open a business of your own, clients would start coming in voluntarily. However, that was not the case with me. The number of customers were so low that I had plenty of free time. The clinic was then closed for about 4 days a week. With that time, I spend it by mostly surfing and also shopping. Having little to no customers coming in to the clinic, I thought about quitting the clinic in 6 months time.

However, a major turning point came in the seventh month of operating my clinic. It was IT marketing strategy, reaching out to people through the usage of flip phones. Without thinking it as a strategy, during my spare time, I created a simple website platform for my clinic using CMS by only using my flip phone. A few days later, customers start to come in after seeing the website that I have created for my clinic. This also sparked more contact, by calling to the clinic. With such a quick reaction, I thought that this was interesting. Keeping in mind, during this period, CMS is a tool that had just begun to enter the IT marketing industry.

Next, I made a website that is more PC friendly by using CMS, a tool that had just landed in Japan. Again, customers are increasingly coming in to my clinic due to this exposure that I have made by using this strategy. I have managed to create a website which carries contents on the information of my clinic, along with my principles for this business so as to gain credibility to my clientèle. With this, I learned that this proved to get the target consumer that I was aiming for.

By just creating a homepage and taking SEO measures, the establishment receiving significant improvement. I think the reason comes to the fact that I managed to achieve this result was due to the idea that I happened to be able to look ahead of time and took action faster than most others. What would have happened if you took action that comes at the right or perfect timing? This accidental success has changed my values tremendously.

For me, I decided to continue to be engrossed with web marketing. Established an original domain, with my very own site through WordPress. I also tried copywriting. Anyway, with that, I created a target market of clients that can generate a higher profit margin and this resulted to me being able to control the number of customers. This was essential in order for me to make time and money for me to move on to the next stage.

2010-2012|29〜31 years old|Reaching success. Meaning of life. Habits. Information. Power of search information.

29~31 years old happiness level ★★★★★

The number of patients increased and cash starts to flow into the business. By choosing the customer base, I was able to do it by myself, but I also had free time. I turned that time and money into my ability to select and extract information. At that time, the world was changing towards an era where search engine power started to dominate the market. I gathered more information and essences of search engine optimization, utilizing and applying it towards my own business. Whenever there were useful information released by an individual with knowledge of the area, I would gather those sources to read and listen to them, learning their thinking circuit and sensibilities towards the subject. It was an important habit that suits the present age and maximizes one’s abilities. This habit is still going on and it’s interesting.

At the age of 30 years old, I finally felt that I am starting to live my life.

2013|32 years old|Consulting. IT revolution. Deteriorating health. Life priority. Employment.

32 years old happiness level ★★★★

During this time, I set up another company where I offered consultation for other clinics. Curiosity led me to test whether the same strategy for success can be applied elsewhere. The result was astonishing. The essence of IT revolution can be copied, as long as it is timely and if others follow through it obediently. Despite having high probability of success, the result of a consultation highly depends on whether or not an individual actually puts the theory into practice. By putting that into consideration, I figured that consultation work was not really my forte, so, I decided to call it quits.

The next turning point in my life came to me as I had the clinic running smoothly. Back then, the situation was that I was doing everything all by my own and I could only do a limited amount of work at one time. In the worst timing possible where my clinic is going very well, my health and physical condition started to deteriorate. As soon as I felt the burnout from working hard, my life priority has then been clearly decided. My first priority in life is to care for my health, secondly, to be careful of my time. The third one would be to set my life with goals, objectives, rewards and meaning. In order to make this happen, I changed my way to continue making trial and error.

Five years since opening my clinic, I have created a template which I have constructed explicitly to ensure a comprehensive understanding on the workings of the clinic. Thus, with that template, I hired employees and a director to manage the clinic while I could get more time to spend for myself, focusing on my health and wellbeing.

2014-2015|33〜34 years old|Employment failure. Outsourcing failure. Around Japan.

33〜34 years old happiness level ★★

I tried to hire staffs to manage my clinic for 2 years, but, it was a failure. At first, I was reluctant to let go of the establishment due to employment issue. At this time, I came to realize that this form of employment system will come to cease into existence if the government refuse to take appropriate actions to intervene.

For the next move, I decided to outsource the entire clinic after the first strategy to employ staffs failed. This turned out to be a failure too, but, that gave me time to stay out of from the place. By taking advantage of this chance, I went travel all around Japan to learn more of the country I was born in. Since at that time I wasn’t feeling well myself, I didn’t pick up surfing but I had a good drive around Japan. Japan is a wonderful, culturally rich, samurai country. By all means, I hope to see Japan to further grow into an IT powerhouse and leave behind things that cannot be reformed.

Around this time, I decided to begin a business which would be completely online-based as an individual. It also meant that I wouldn’t touch on challenges that are meaningless, have no particular interest in, or something that I have poor judgment in.

2016-2018|35〜37 years old|Migrated overseas. Resumed surfing. Communist country. Business transfer.

35~37 years old happiness level ★★★

I decided to leave Japan when I was 35 years old. For some reason, I figured that in order for me to grasp a broader perspective further, I need to leave Japan. There was a strong burning desire within me to know who I am. I couldn’t bear how monotonous life was in Japan, around Japanese people and the unchanging everyday life.

After quite a long break, I resumed surfing, a part of me that I was losing interest in. Being apart from the sea for such a long time was probably one of the main reasons for the lack of interest. Initially, I didn’t find it as enjoyable as it used to be, but I slowly wandered around overseas to find places that I could surf at. At the meantime, I tried to do business on the side whilst traveling. Despite all the ideas, I gave up halfway as I lack passion in executing it. Since I was still feeling burnout and exhausted from the previous years, with no set goals, I continued to live abroad. I thought to myself that rather than coming back to Japan with nothing in mind, it would be best for me to spend time living abroad.

While living abroad, I lived a nomadic lifestyle. Living in hotels, apartments, private lodging. I’ve always liked the idea of moving from one place to another since when I lived in Japan, I’ve also moved from one place to another by living as little as three months. Overseas, there are no old-fashioned burdens such as having to pay for the key money, brokerage fees and often the places are furnished. It was easier to move around than in Japan. With all that moving, it didn’t mean that I preferred a backpacking lifestyle. So, I went on to stay in each country on a monthly basis. The places I chose to stay were San Diego in USA, East Taiwan, Phuket Island in Thailand and eventually Da Nang in Vietnam.

San Diego is still my favorite place. Unfortunately, with the culture of high racial prejudice and discrimination, commodity price and food culture was not within my favor. East Taiwan on the other hand has a clean air. Despite that, the place was lacking in terms of the people, goods, money and information. I couldn’t shake off this feeling that there was a problem in my own self-growth. Phuket was too westernized for me to fit in. Then, while I was on my way back to Phuket in October 2016, I stopped by in Da Nang, which is the third largest city in Vietnam. I was immediately hooked into it.

Da Nang was my choice then because there were no sources of allergy triggers, I was young and had remarkable economic development. The cost of living was astoundingly low and the idea of enjoying my past hobby of surfing in the ocean where there were no one else surfing in it was attractive to me. In addition to that, the various reactions and behaviors of the Vietnamese, a socialist country, was completely different than other Southeast Asian countries. It was – to me – emotionless and expressionless. On the bright side, it becomes a convenience since people forget and move on quickly. I don’t quite fancy having nosy people interrupting me with whatever I am doing by rudely approaching me from my back. After all that, I lived in Da Nang for 3 years. Needless to say, there was no common ground with Japan today with the socialist country going through an economic bubble growth.

Plenty of things that I have gained from living abroad, among them was that I was able to experience the fact that there are so many different types of people in the world. I learned that it is okay to express and let your own personality out in the open. It is something that has been suppressed in Japan for a long period of time.

The osteopathic that I established had managed to run for a total of 10 years, and I eventually transferred my business to a Chinese entrepreneur. At the same time, I strongly sensed that Vietnam is almost similar to the Chinese way of living. With this, I was finally determined to move on to the next thing in my life. The past 10 years, I have been blessed with lots of things to learn about from. It dawned upon me that this time, the education that we generally received after junior high school cannot be used directly in business practices.

2019-2020|38〜39 years old|YouTube. Vietnam longitudinal journey. Covid-19 pandemic. Bali Island.

38〜39 years old happiness level ★★★

The city of Da Nang and its sea has become noisy, and it felt alien to me. When the feeling of locality diminishing with the growth of the city, I decided to leave Da Nang. Then, I embarked on a journey to create a map marking surf spots across the Vietnamese coastline. From this journey, I learned a lot from it despite coming across many obstacles and issues. There was also a sense of regionality in each area. I thought to myself, the stronger and bigger the obstacles are, the more self-growth I could experience from it.

The details of the journey can be found on YouTube and on my other website called “Vietnam Mujin Surfing”. If you are interested, please have a look there.

In the midst of my travel in Binh Dinh province, in the countryside of Vietnam, the news of the spread of the new coronavirus infection came through. It eventually reached a stage where we couldn’t ignore it any further, so, we had no choice but to return to Da Nang. After coming back to Da Nang, I came across Grab drivers who refused to accept me as a passenger. The reason was that there were a sudden increase of Japanese infected with the virus very suddenly. Predicting that this situation will escalate into a worse state, a decision was made to leave Vietnam, a socialist country.

The next destination would be Bali, Indonesia. I figured it would help me to explain Vietnam surfing if I learn more about Indonesia since it is the world’s number one surf trip destination. Without further hesitation, we immediately booked our airline tickets. However, with the situation worsening day by day, we were suddenly dropped with a news that the possibility of Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport will be blocking entry to foreigners in a few days time. Without wasting any more time, we abandoned the former ticket and booked an earlier flight and left immediately for Bali just two days away before the closure of Bali’s international airport.

From thereon, the stay in Bali lasted more than a year. The number of tourists have ceased drastically, and since tourism is Bali’s main attraction and major generation for income, the more quiet the streets have become. Expatriates started to leave the country for their own. Indonesians from different islands who came to live in Bali started to return to their hometown. Bali was almost barren, it felt as if time has turned back to 25 to 30 years ago. With the number of people decreasing, it wasn’t so bad at all to be here. I hated Bali or I thought so back then. Although the number of surfers have also considerably dropped, it still felt like there were still many surfers here in comparison to Vietnam.

There were plenty of unpleasant issues experienced in Bali, but I thought of staying until the pandemic settles down. After a year has passed with the pandemic still actively affecting us globally and intuitively, a decision was made to leave Bali to return to Japan. After almost 2 years of not returning back home in Japan, I was growing weary of living abroad with the unstable world situation. So, for the first time for such a long period of time, I am back in Japan to recharge myself.

2021|40 years old|Japan. Domestic. Covid-19 pandemic.

40 years old happiness level ★★★

After returning to Japan, I was impressed by how delicious the rice is. I don’t often spend time going out, I filled my time by clicking and buying things on Amazon, watching YouTube, listening to Voicy. Ever since I came back, I have never surfed yet. There is no possibility of me surfing in the crowded waters of Shonan.

As a Japanese, eating Japanese rice and to surround yourself in Japan’s atmosphere is a rejuvenating and healing process. Even while going through the pandemic, Japan still maintains its value, promises were kept and the people here adhere to rules. The tiredness of the long trip I have made the past few years dissipates. The compass within me which has been pointing south, is pointing north again.

Recently, I am working on producing Vietnam Mujin Surfing. However, I am not sure when it will be ready to be released yet. Stay tune.