As usual, a beautiful sunny morning with a pleasant breeze coming from the sea. The waves are waist high, with onshore wind. Although the waves seems powerless, the current is strong. It’s not a good wave.

Japanese surfer checking the waves on Ke Ga beach

Ke Ga beach with a long dike. You can check the wave from a higher ground here. There are no surfers in Ke Ga. Perhaps the timing is not suitable.

A shop selling limited types of goods in the shopping street of Ke Ga

In the morning, a general store truck announces their presence using loudspeakers in the morning in order to attract consumers. This somehow makes the village more lively to some extent.

In Vietnam, it is a typical experience to be surrounded by a noisy environment caused by karaoke and loud music – be it day or night. Ever since I have settled in Vietnam, I have learned to appreciate the value of quietness.



Jackfruit being cut in half

There are jackfruit being sold on the street. I used to really love eating them sometime ago.

Freshly laid eggs being loaded into a truck full of eggs

A truck carrying cartons of freshly laid eggs from the village. I can’t eat eggs because I am allergic to it, but it does looks delicious.

Whenever I eat at restaurants and food stalls, I usually request for the eggs to be removed due to my allergies. It gets a little difficult for me sometimes due to my allergies.

Me and my morning dose of coffee

Best daily dose of energy. It is deliciously made.

Heart shaped cast on a concrete path

Heart shaped cast carved on the concrete pathwalk.

2 large shells

A lot of large empty shells roll up to the beach every time I come to the beach to check waves. The waves are no good today.

A beach with rocks that look like lava rock

Black rocky lava-like terrain.

Powerless regular wave

There are times when the size of the wave is good for a ride, where there are regular wave breaks. However, it is rare to see those good conditions combined together.

Climbing a rocky area overlooking the beach

I have managed to attain new surf spot information collected from the top of the rocky hill. How accurate can one predict the wave condition here?

Two buffaloes with one being pregnant

The cattle on the left seems to be pregnant.

A local loading massive amount of mattresses on a motorcycle

Interestingly enough, I came across this mobile seller selling mattresses. Personally, I think this service is helpful for most villages where there are no cars around. However, this size seems to be too dangerous to be carried on a bike.

Sauteed vegetables and spicy fish

This is going to be the last meal at this restaurant. We are ordering the same thing as usual.

Although a little pricey, the food served here were very delicious and we had most of our lunches during our stay in Ke Ga at this restaurant. If it were not for this restaurant, we wouldn’t have been able to last long in Ke Ga for a week.

Orange juice

Final glass of orange juice. While conducting our surf trip and passing by rural areas, we tend to have stronger memories on the food and drink that we had, the waves, the people.

It is not about the superb view that makes me want to visit a particular place again. One day, I would like to go back here to give the waves another try, to ride it again. I want to know how is the uncle who owns the inn we were staying at in Ke Ga and wishing him good health. I would like to drink the strong punch coffee one more time.

In other words, the probability of revisiting places where the waves, people and food are bad is considerably low.

The meadow spreads throughout

A beautiful meadow spreads across the flatland.

Sunset falls through the clouds

Tomorrow will be the day when we will be leaving Ke Ga to move to our next stop, Phan Thiet. I hope to see rideable waves and more variety in food.

(Surf trip log. Ke Ga, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam. August 2019)